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Care & Maintenance & Support

You expect nothing less than superior performance and appearance from your Quartz Stone surfaces. This is exactly what you will experience and with very little maintenance required for upkeep and care.


You will find it quite simple to maintain the quartz stone of your surface. Most care primarily requires you to use mild soap, along with a gentle cloth and water.




No matter how hard you try to avoid them, spills will occur on the countertop. No need to panic, with immediate attention and a few steps, there is no harm done to the surface. Use a dull scraper, made of plastic, to remove any dried materials, such as nail polish, gum, grease or similar stains. Household vinegars mixed with water are great for these type spills. Remember to always use a non-abrasive cleaning pad and cleaners that don’t contain bleach. Complete the task by rinsing with clear water and drying with clean white towels.


Resistance to Chemicals and Stains


There is no need to be concerned about any stains absorbing into the surface and changing the appearance of the Quartz stone. The non-porous feature makes it stain resistant.


If Quartz stone comes into direct contact with certain chemicals, permanent markers, solvents or inks, the surface may experience discoloration. Therefore, all measures should be taken to avoid contact with these items or products. In the event contact does occur, clean the area immediately as directed above and if stain persists, use a gentle stain remover to activate quicker removal. Always rinse the surface with clean water following any cleaning.


Avoid using any strong alkaline, oxidizers or acids on the counters with quartz stone. These are harsh chemicals that could ruin the appearance and texture of your countertops.


Furthermore, avoid exposing your quartz surfaces to products including, but not limited to:

• Bleach
• Oven cleaners
• Paint removers
• Batteries
• Tarnish
• Furniture Strippers
• Silver Cleaners
• Topical Treatments
• Penetrants

These products will diminish the gloss of the stone and leave the surface appearing lack luster with minimal shine and a loss in its original color.


Heat Resistance


Your Quartz stone surfaces are heat resistance to certain degree. However, to preserve the appealing appearance of your surface, avoid placing hot items from the stove on your countertops directly. Items such as roasting bans, boilers, frying pans and other heating elements are not suggested to be placed on the surface under any circumstances in order to prevent it. Always use heat protectors when placing these items on your countertop. The contact of direct heat to your countertop could make the surface prone to crack and lose its natural beauty.




Quartz stone is one of the hardest natural materials that exist. Therefore, your new surface will not scratch or chip easily. However, the use of cutting board is recommended for added protection to the surface and to prevent dulling of your knives. It is highly recommended to utilize protective measures when cutting on the surface.
You will find that minimal attention is required to help your Quartz stone area maintain its like new appearance. It will bring you years of joy in function and beauty.

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