Our Committment - ATEC STONE
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Our Commitment

Atecstone is committed to offering our customers the finest quality and best selection of stones in the industry. We value and treat our customers as long-term partners, working to exceed their expectations and deliver on our commitment to always provide an excellent buying experience.


Our company is committed to bring natural order to the chaos that exists in your stone needs. Nature is unpredictable and our job is to filter through the turmoil and create products that are valuable in quality but as unique and subtle as the original article. This can be a painful process and we commit to make it as pleasant as possible, by doing all the legwork for you. There are technicians, craftsmen and engineers that dedicate their skills and talents to develop an end-product that performs as well as it looks. The chemistry of pigment mixing, the artistic design that mold making requires and a knowledgeable understanding of the installation process, all come together to create the finished look you desire. The result is one that you will be proud of and it holds a visual perspective like no other.


Quality Assurance


Our commitment is one that ensures quality at every step of the process. From the time you call or visit, you become our top priority.


As we strive to deliver you quality Quartz Stone that you will enjoy for a very longtime, we work equally as hard to prevent any damage to the environment. This is accomplished by utilizing the best available technical approaches during processing. Our entire team is dedicated to taking measures that will help to protect our environment from any harm.


Our commitment to the environment is as valuable as that to our customers.


  • We practice continued education for all employees to ensure that they are properly trained to avoid any possible contaminations of environmental respected elements such as air, water and soil.
  • We practice continued education for all employees to ensure that they are properly trained to take all necessary precautions to prompt a positive outcome of the Environmental Management System.
  • Encourage all employees to make sensible use of all resources in a manner that is best equipped for the control and safety of all environmental aspects.

Our Products